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Welcome Home, again.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Here we are again with a new websiite. Again.

Let me explain.....As a small artisan type manufacturer, I have struggled to find a  home on the internet that would serve my long time customers' wants as well as my own needs. Most websites are not created with the hand maker / artistic type in mind, but to re-sell stuff made who knows where.That's not what I do.

I design and make models. Models of things you don't see every day.Stuff you can't find anywhere else.Models for other people who really love models and like to spend their leisure time building them.This has been a passion for me for over 50 years.

Everything that comes out of my workshop is a reflection of my desire to create great models, that are a pleasure to buy and a pleasure to build and then just look at.

My previous site was an attempt at creating a versatile tool to make it easier to get the products of my workbench into the hands of those who wanted it, but the sad fact is that the thing was a disaster. I have lost count of the friends and customers ( some of  whom have been buying my work for decades)  that would create an account and log-in only to have it dissapear into the void, locking them out. Not nice.

The gee-whiz aint it amazing shipping calculator would send a 5 pound parcel off to Australia for free, while charging a guy in San Francisco, not 3 hours away $25.00 postage for a three ounce set of  wheels. Not good.

No amount of pleading, forwarded emails that would set your hair on fire or phone calls would change these, and other failings in the site, and all the while the cost for this custom built ulcer machine went up, and up again, and then they decided to retroactively charge me a percentage of sales.Not even remotely acceptable.You ever think about one of these "custom website for free" deals you see online just call me, we'll talk.

I actually pick up the phone in here.My wife packs each and every piece of every model we make in here. The dog sleeps in here.

We are not a corporate entity. We view what we do in here as an art form, and we approach every aspect of it that way. We try to take a very complex subject and make it simple. And beautiful. It should be easy to find something here that pushes your particular button and then buy it.

So here we are, again. On a new , very simple, very stripped down site that should work quite well for us, both you and me.

Let's hope !

Paul Fisher



Body prep

Gearing up to do my 917 LH, Bleche White soaking to remove oils?

Less is better

I love the site, fast, simple and to the point. Has all the info I need to learn and make a decision, thanks for doing business.

1/32 Mirage interior

What a pleasant surprise to find a Fisher component available for my Mirage build in 1/32 !
I know it's a long shot, but is there ANY chance of getting decals for the Revell 1/32 RF-4 Phantoms?.....lets face it.....there is nothing out there except for the stencils right now. ......bummer !



You produce some absolutely fantastic kits and upgrades. How about sharing some of your techniques with us?

Keep up the great work.



Models...outstanding models

So glad I was able to see a Panther kit by Fisher, and then find this site and buy my first kit. It will not be my last. PLEASE keep up the work, (I'd say "good" but that is a HUGE understatement, AWESOME fits better)
I have a build plan in place for my new kit and the next one I will buy as soon as funds are in place. I am once again a happy and motivated model builder! That's worth a lot and I am very grateful.
Pete Van Ek Canada


Hi Paul,
I'm just making a start on the Meteor Mk8, it certainly ticks all the boxes as far as I'm concerned apart from one small niggle; I felt that the bottom half of the tail moulding was a bit distorted, but no matter, I've scratched a replacement part which is now fitted; I've used the fin and tailplanes,of yours and the whole assembly is now in place - I've even managed to replicate the various panel lines, it looks good!
Any word on the NF11? I've got an HK kit waiting patiently. Incidentally, I paid a visit to Tangmere Military aircraft museum and saw the Mk4 which gained the airspeed record in 1946, 616mph, so I've built a model of it (with extended wingtips,scratchbuilt again) If you like, I will send some pictures, which might be useful.
Keep up the good work,

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