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Building "outside the box"

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

You might not believe this, but I get bored. Day in, day out, after 40+ years of model making it can get a bit stale seeing the same old thing on every website and contest table, hanging from the cieling or in my own display case.

Just last night at my local bar I was asked what my favorite airplane was and nearly got punched when my answer was NOT the P-51 Mustang. Like any model builder, I like the Mustang, but other than a few racing variants I am not likely to ever build another.Too many much more intersting and worthy subjects await us out there in history land. The menu is vast, if you're willing to look around and do some research.In this case, google really IS your friend.

The model pictured above is a perfect example of what keeps me interested in this wonderful passtime.Built over in the UK by James Hatch, this is the Hong Kong Models Gloster Meteor F.4 plastic kit in 1/32 scale, converted to the two seat T.7 trainer using  my resin conversion set available on this very website.

Besides being an exquisite example of the model builders craft, this build is of a unique moment in the life of an historic aircraft, finally restored to flying status , but before the inevitable re-paint as a service machine.

The finish, consisting of different types of primer and raw metal offers the builder a very challenging and eye-catching alternative to the usual stuff, and assures a model that will be an instant stand out on any contest table and in any display. You can't miss it.

It will make you think. It certainly got me all fired up when I saw it. I've been lucky enough to be around a fair number of for-real aircrat assembly lines as well as warbird restorations, and there's no shortage of otherwise boring subjects from all eras of aviation ( and automotive ) history that could be built like the model above, somewhere along the way from a pile of bits to flight...Maybe even a Mustang!


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Just saw your anouncement at

Just saw your anouncement at the top of the page about the loss of your home and workshop, sorry for the bad news.

I'm always amazed at the

I'm always amazed at the detail and time put into some of these models you guys build. I dont have the patients for it but truly appreciate the work put in!


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