Due to the loss of our home and workshop we are not able to fill any orders at this time.

Sorry about that!

They come and they go....

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Lately a number of you long time customers have noted that some of the kits we've done for years are no longer available. Most of the time I pull a kit because we've run out of decals and sales of that particular item aren't good enough to justify re-printing and re-tooling the kit.

Sometimes we just can't get the parts we need from one of our vendors and it takes a while to find someone who can (and will) make up very specialized bits on a small scale for us.We're working on finding new sources of supply, but it will take time.Like all of us, the specialized craftsmen and women who make decals and investment castings as well as photo etch are getting on in years and either retiring or just slowing down.

With a bit of luck, and patience, we'll have things lined up soon with some new outfits so we can bring back the aerobatic planes as well as some of the cars and airplanes that have gone out of production.


Stay tuned!


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Thanks For The Update

Good to know! Thank you!
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Glad to be here

They come and they go. That's actually a famous line especially if you're in the business industry. Nothing's permanent, every now and then changes can happen, only time is constant.


Erick | Gold Coast Office Cleaners

You have a point

It's just a matter of acceptance and how you adapt to the situation. Don't hold back just move forward, along the way, you can find the perfect match that can help you with your needs.

- Marc | Carpet cleaner Goodyear AZ

I love your point of view

That's true, it's not just in the business industry but in some aspects of life.

Thank you for sharing these thoughts though and more power to your company.


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They must know when to go or

They must know when to go or when they come. It will add to their knowledge on how to get their pool chemical services for their own.

Hope you guys can re-stock

Hope you guys can re-stock soon. You guys have been doing such a great job! -Paul | Floor installation Fremont | Sacramento Concrete Repair

Cool profession

I'm always amazed at how DJ do mixes. Anyway, going back to the topic: Yes, people come and go. We don't have any hold of that. Don't worry, in every end, there's always a new beginning. Don't lose hope. You'll one day recover from all the challenges that you are currently facing today.


Robert | Lawn Care El Paso TX

Come and they Go

Nice words of motivation. That's all we need especially these trying times. It's not the end of everything, if you're still breathing then there's still hope.

Cheer up!

Josh | General Contractor Austin TX

Me too

Agree with you.
les toits de metz.

Of course!

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I am sure you are doing your

I am sure you are doing your best to accommodate all of your requests.
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This is great! Thanks so

This is great! Thanks so much!


I agree. They are killing it so much that supply is limited. Keep up the great work guys! -Jerry @ El Monte roof installation

Wishing you all the best

So sorry to hear about the loss of your home and workshop, wishing you all the best!
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Moving Forward

I feel sorry that you loss your home and workshop. Same with House Painters, I wish you all the best and just hope you can recover from such a loss. Moving forward and hoping to see you get back on track. Deck Builder Georgetown, Texas.

I agree. This is terrible

I agree. This is terrible news.

Thank goodness I found this

Thank goodness I found this page!

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Same here too.

Don't lose hope. In every end, there's always a new beginning. We never know what lies ahead. Hope you can find a new home and workshop soon.


Jerry | Duct Cleaning Avondale AZ


I agree, very well written article. Thank you.

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Support is key

I agree. Having a huge support system and team in place is what will make this one day thrive again. Sealcoating in Aurora, IL

You are Correct

I couldn't agree more on the statement you said. I look forward to an upcoming update from this blog telling us that they surpass such struggle and they thrive again.


Robert | Air Duct Cleaning Service Tempe AZ.

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Oh it's fine


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Very Interesting!

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