Due to the loss of our home and workshop we are not able to fill any orders at this time.

Sorry about that!

They come and they go....

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Lately a number of you long time customers have noted that some of the kits we've done for years are no longer available. Most of the time I pull a kit because we've run out of decals and sales of that particular item aren't good enough to justify re-printing and re-tooling the kit.

Sometimes we just can't get the parts we need from one of our vendors and it takes a while to find someone who can (and will) make up very specialized bits on a small scale for us.We're working on finding new sources of supply, but it will take time.Like all of us, the specialized craftsmen and women who make decals and investment castings as well as photo etch are getting on in years and either retiring or just slowing down.

With a bit of luck, and patience, we'll have things lined up soon with some new outfits so we can bring back the aerobatic planes as well as some of the cars and airplanes that have gone out of production.


Stay tuned!


Parts for your models

That makes sense. I think it's obvious that this is a labor of love, so I know that everyone here feels as passionate about models are you do. Hope everything gets worked out for you! -Hannah at professional painters berkeley

Well done...

Well done on a great page Fisher Models.


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Amazing signs of hope

Amazing signs of hope! Hope your business and productions are back to normal!

Me too

Being a year later I wonder how things are going now adays... I sure hope they are well!

Terri @ gutter installation Richmond VA

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Sorry to hear

Hoping things have returned to normal for both your home and business!

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Thanks for the Explanation!

Thank you so much for posting on this and letting us know. I think you do a great job ! Keep up the great work!

Thanks - Katie from Fencing Lexington in KY

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I from
Chandler Trees is very sorry to hear about you. Hope you are doing fine.

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It's the ebb and flow and that's how it goes! Columbus Tree 

Woodburn, Oregon

We here at Woodburn Tree Care understand! It happens!

Tree trimming

Your loyal customers will understand! You have our support here at Tree removal Jacksonville 

Tree service

I ordered the Gloster Meteor T.7 Conversion set for my son, and he loves it... Still plenty of great items in stock! Thanks from
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No problem!

Awesome models still remain!
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We support you

It'll be like Christmas day for the enthusiasts to get some of them back on the shelf!
Solar energy 

Love the models

Count us in when they come back! Looking forward to it! Roof repair 

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Thank You

This was a great website and store. Hope they can come back soon.


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Solar Power

You guys think there will every be solar powered RC planes?

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Coming Soon!

I hope your website coming soon! thanks! tree service company in Indiana

Sorry to see you go

Loved looking at this website as it was my lifetime hobby. Hope you come back soon.


Great Site

Keep up the great work. I love coming back to your blog. Carpet Cleaning Regina

Come Back

Hoping to hear an update soon and see you back in business.

Sarah - House Cleaning

Tree Services

Great work. Keep it up!

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Looking forward to the next batch as well

Delightful news, please keep up the fantastic work.



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Win some & lose some...

I'm sorry to hear that things are going south, but I'm sure you and your team will get this all figured out!

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It is always interesting to read articles with good contents.

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Looks great

Looking forward to the next batch!

-Steve Stairlifts Dallas


Looking forward to future posts!! Asheville Handyman

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