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Sorry about that!

They come and they go....

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Lately a number of you long time customers have noted that some of the kits we've done for years are no longer available. Most of the time I pull a kit because we've run out of decals and sales of that particular item aren't good enough to justify re-printing and re-tooling the kit.

Sometimes we just can't get the parts we need from one of our vendors and it takes a while to find someone who can (and will) make up very specialized bits on a small scale for us.We're working on finding new sources of supply, but it will take time.Like all of us, the specialized craftsmen and women who make decals and investment castings as well as photo etch are getting on in years and either retiring or just slowing down.

With a bit of luck, and patience, we'll have things lined up soon with some new outfits so we can bring back the aerobatic planes as well as some of the cars and airplanes that have gone out of production.


Stay tuned!


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I will certainly stay tuned. Thank you!


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Thanks for sharing this wonderful ideas. Keep it up!

Good luck

Sorry to see it go :/
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Any update, please?

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God Speed

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We hope you can get these planes back up and running.
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Very helpful. We here at Business Tips and Tricks enjoyed it.


Losing customers is part of it, gotta keep pushing!

2020 and Beyond

It's tough when this stuff happens, but sometimes losing customers can sometimes work out for your business. Sometimes your needs no longer align, but be proud of the services you once provided them. I think that's the best advice in this current climate and moving forward from here.


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Any update, please?

Hello there! I hope everyone is safe. Do you have any estimate on when you will be able to open your production soon?

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Best of luck to you.

So sorry to hear about your business. Best of luck to you.

Fun stuff.

I loved doing model planes with my dad when I was growing up. Great memories.

Hope you get back on your

Hope you get back on your feet and get back to doing what you love! Best wishes!

I am hoping to find some good

I am hoping to find some good model kits to do with my kids. Hope things turn around for you!

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