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B-47 Stratojet JATO set 1/72 scale


B-47 " Horse Collar ' JATO set in 1/72 Scale

Set No. A-7207 $25.00

As beautiful as it was, the B-47 did not suffer from an excess of thrust.....So , in order to get a loaded Stratojet off the ground in a hurry, 33 JATO bottles of 1,000 lb thrust each were hooked to a fairly large steel frame and hung behind the aft landing gear bay under the fuselage.Once airborne, the whole thing was jettisoned...imagine the clang it made coming to earth!

Our set captures the look of the "Horse Collar' perfectly, and comes with the frame and 36 JATO bottles and illustrated instructions so you can bolt some horsepower on to your Hasegawa B-47, whether you're  planning a build or just want to spruce up an existing model.

An easy way to add some wow factor to your Strat.


Note: If you wish to purchase more than one  set, enter the coupon code " Multi" at checkout for a 10% discount .