Douglas AD-5 Navy Skyraider Conversion in 1/32 Scale


Douglas AD-5  "Fat Face" Skyraider Conversion in 1/32 for Trumpeter kits

A 3243........$115.00

Please note this is a pre-order, kits will not ship until later this month.


At last! A huge conversion kit to build the multi place Skyraider! Kit contains the entire new fuselage, correctly shaped engine cowl and a fully detailed cockpit with Douglas seats and a clear cast resin canopy with separate sliding pilot's hatches, conversion inserts for the wheel wells, landing gear doors, catapult hooks, modified inboard pylon and more.This set is designed to fit any of the Trumpeter Skyraider kits.

Full decals designed by Caracal Decals for three aircraft are included, two Navy ships and one Marine Corps. An additional decal set with even more colorful  Fat Face Spads will be available from Caracal Models directly to allow you to build your AD-5 in nearly all of the color schemes carrried over the long carrer of the Spad.