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Gloster Meteor F.8 / FR.9 Conversion set in 1/32 scale


Gloster Meteor F.8 Conversion set for HK Models F.4 ....Second Edition !

Kit No. A3231

A complete nose, cockpit and tail section to convert the HK Models Meteor F.4 into the longer, later F.Mk8.

Set includes a superb cockpit with Martin-baker ejector seat, detailed ammunition bay behind the cockpit, tail section and short chord intakes.Long chord intakes can be substituted on request.

Clear cast canopy hoods( both the early and late types) and corrected windscreen are included, as are a pair of our new underwing fuel tanks and a correctly shaped belly tank.Also included is a new nose cap to build the FR.9 variant.


An outstanding and very complete set of decals for the RAAF ship "Halestorm " and 3 different Israeli ships as well as Syrian and Egyptian 'planes is available from Zotz Decals at www.zotzdecals.com .For more information on the decal set you can email Eli Raphael directly at : zotzviper@gmail.com to order. This decal  set supercedes  the decals originally included in this conversion set, which are sold out.The conversion set does not come with the Zotz Decal set, it is available from them directly.