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Red Baron RB-51 Unlimited Racer


Red Baron RB-51 Unlimited Racer

Kit No. 3210

Probably the most famous Unlimited  race plane of all time, the Red Baron was a highly modified P-51 Mustang, re-engined with a Rolls Royce Griffon driving contra-rotating props and a host of aerodynamic mods, not to mention one of the most striking paint schemes  ever to grace a racer.

This kit is based on master patterns by Nick Turner, a master model maker from the UK and it is faitful to the original in all details. The cockpit is accurately modified as per the actual aircraft, as are the wings and fuselage.The contra-props , suppressed racing canopy and the tall fin and rudder along with Hoerner type wing tips are all in evidence. Cast jeweler's bronze landing gear and full color decals for the graphics round out a kit that will be a stand out in any collcetion.