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Vought F7U-3M Cutlass


Vought F7U-3M Cutlass

Kit No.3209

Here's one you never thought you'd see in 1/32 scale...The amazing Cutlass in all it's bizarre glory. Certainly one of the most radical of the early Navy jet fighter designs ever to fly, the Cutlass was a real handful to deck-land, but for us model builders,she makes a very compelling subject. Not your ordinary Navy jet!

This is a big model, highly detailed inside and out.The Vought designed ejection seat is a model in itself, as is the massive nose landing gear.Full wheel well detail, posable "ailevators" , rudders and extended slats add to the mechanical interest and then there's the cockpit. Finely detailed, and quite visible with the clear resin canopy shot back, this is one of the most "3D" front offices ever put into a kit.

The character and stance of the original are faithfully captured, and four sheets of decals and stencils are included to allow finishing either in natural metal or gull gray over white.To round things off, there are four early Sparrow 1 missiles to hang under those enormous wings.A most accurate and unusual model of one of the most unique fighters ever to wear the stars and bars.